Casa Tina

Beaches & More

Here we share some of our preferred places on the Lago Maggiore. Some are well known but others are not so - keep the secret ;-)



where to swim close to casa tina

Santa Caterina del Sasso

When I was a teenager the monastery was closed for restoration and we used it as our private beach. Nobody ever came down there so we had the place for us alone. Today the place is open to public again and you can see the walls from where some of us jumped in the water - pretty scaring.

Anyway Santa Caterina del Sasso Traballaro is one of the most charming sights in the area. The hermitage is clinging to a rock overhanging the lake. It's 268 steps down (there is also an elevator) if coming from land and 80 stairs up if arriving by boat. You can find more info on the official website or see some more of our photos on our surroundings page.
The Hermitage is fantastic when seen from the lake. We have a friend who offers boat tours on his gozzo (a nice and confortable motor boat made out of wood), if you are interested contact us and we check if he is available.



Cerro Beach

The closest beach from Casa Tina. It's about three kilometre away from our house in the nice village of Cerro. Here you have also a bar with a nice terasse overlooking the lake and two restaurants.  Enjoy also the ice-cream (walk to the church a keep right - you are almost there)


Arolo Beach

The beach in Arolo is perfect for families. There is a little playground for the kids at the end of the beach and a bar where to buy some refreshments.  


Ispra Beach

There are various beaches in Ispra. You can choose from sand to rock depending on your preferences. Check out our map to discover all of them. And don't forget to have an ice-cream at the Gelateria il Capriccio close to the church. It' one of our favourite ones!


Sasso Moro

A calm beach close to the abandoned Hotel Restaurant Sasso Moro. There is a big parking space here where you usually find a space to park.